All vetoquinol products

  • Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner

    The Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner, for dogs and cats, contains a unique blend of natural soothing agents, moisturizers, and vitamins.

  • Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo

    Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo is specially formulated for dogs and cats with dry itchy skin.

  • Azodyl

    Azodyl, for dogs and cats, is a mixture of three bacteria and a prebiotic with a unique mode of action that supports kidney function.

  • BC2A™

    Patented Oral Paste

  • BPO-3 Shampoo™

    BPO-3™ is an antimicrobial, keratolytic, follicular flushing shampoo. It may be used in the topical treatment of pyoderma, folliculitis and seborrheic skin disorders.

  • Butequine®

    Phenylbutazone Paste for Horses. ANADA 200-266.

  • Cerumene™ Ear Cleansing Liquid

    Cerumene™ Ear Cleansing Liquid: trusted for over 25 years, safer than saline, an effective ear cleaner that penetrates wax barriers and cleans out debris. Clinically shown to be useful even in ruptured tympanic membranes.

  • Chlorhexidine Solution

    Chlorhexidine Solution provides rapid antimicrobial activity against a wide range of microorganisms.

  • Clotrimazole Solution

    Clotrimazole Solution is recommended for dermatological conditions responsive to Clotrimazole. Available in drops and spray for dogs and cats.

  • Dentahex Chews for Dogs
    Dentahex® Oral Care Chews

    Coming soon! Improve your dog's dental health with one Dentahex chew with chlorhexadine a day, a perfect complement to a toothbrushing routine, with a taste dogs love!