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Zylkene® Equine Now Available in Stores as a Box of Six or Twenty Packs
16/07/2019 - 20:48

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (July 16, 2019) – Vetoquinol USA, a world-class developer of veterinarian-approved formulas for large animal healthcare products, announced that Zylkene® Equine will now be available to purchase as a box of six packets for $59.00, in addition to the current offering of 20 packets for $153.00. Both products are available over the counter through online retailers, large animal veterinarians and in retail stores that sell feed, farm supplies, horse tack and equine products.

“The inspiration for this new package of Zylkene Equine was to provide horse owners with an opportunity to try an introductory packet if they’ve never used the product before, as well as offering a convenient size for traveling,” said Tabitha Cromer, marketing manager at Vetoquinol USA. “Once they experience its effectiveness, they can then purchase the package of 20, which is great for multiple horses. This product may help in situations that cause stress in horses, plus it’s easy to administer. All of our equine health supplements are tested and approved by veterinarians, so horse owners can be confident in getting the best product available.”

Zylkene Equine was developed to help horses cope with stressful situations such as hauling, competitions, veterinary visits, changes to their environment, weaning, etc. It’s a unique equine supplement containing alpha-casozepine, which is a milk-derived ingredient that helps horses cope the same way nature calms a nursing foal. This special ingredient promotes a sense of relaxation and mental focus without drowsiness. This apple-flavored powder should be administered daily, and start approximately 2-3 days prior to the event or activity that they need it for. Consult your veterinarian for the amount that is appropriate for your horse.

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