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Renal Products

Bind. Manage. Balance.

Your renal health support team:

Epakitin®, Azodyl™ & Renal K+™

Binding phosphorus, managing renal toxins, and balancing potassium can help improve your patient’s quality of life — and give pets and owners more time together.

  • Once phosphate levels exceed 4.5 mg/dl*: Manage with Epakitin
  • At the first signs of increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine, referred to as azotemia: Begin Azodyl
  • Once potassium levels drop below 4.0 mg/dl*: Use Renal K+

Each product can be used together, or independently, as needed. The flexibility of each product allows veterinarians to create a customized program designed to meet the individual pet’s needs. Safe for use in dogs and cats.

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A chitosan-based phosphate binder for dogs and cats.



A proprietary probiotic supplement specifically formulated to digest non-protein nitrogen in the large intestine.

Renal K+

Renal K+

A palatable potassium supplement.


*Based on IRIS Treatment Recommendations: