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Virkon Professional

Daily disinfectant for veterinary clinics and companion animal facilities

Virkon™ Professional is a combination of ingredients that work together synergistically. It is a disinfectant with multiple modes of action designed to work on different and specific parts of the microorganism. This effective, broad-spectrum disinfectant is great for use in veterinary hospitals, shelters, and boarding facilities.

High levels of surfactant activity with acidic and oxidizing power provide effective removal of biofilms.

Effective against organic challenge in hard water, at a low temperature.

Can be applied to mostly clean surfaces and equipment to clean and disinfect in a one-step process.

Available in two forms: powder and tablet for easy storage, transportation, and accurate dilution.

Effective against coronaviruses - 1% solution

1 minute to kill canine parvovirus - 1.3% Solution - 1:75 dilution rate


Virkon Professional possesses multiple modes of action that work synergistically to attack key structures of the organism.

Key chemical agents in Virkon Professional and their action:

  • Potassium peroxymonosulfate - Oxidizing agent that disinfects best in acidic conditions
  • Sulfamic acid - Chlorine stabilizer
  • Malic Acid - pH control
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate - Buffering agent
  • Sodium dodecyl benzene sulphonate - Surfactant that combines cleaning with disinfection

Virkon Professional Powder

  • 10 lbs with 1.3 oz scoop
  • Makes 123 gallons of a standard 1% solution
  • Measuring scoop minimizes waste, providing accurate mixing
  • Ideal for large areas
  • Mixes quickly with water
  • Pleasant citrus scent

Virkon Professional Tablets

  • 50 count
  • Makes 50 pints of standard 1% solution
  • Convenient for smaller areas and easy mixing
  • Best if used with warm water
  • Pleasant citrus scent

Effective against...

Effective against coronaviruses - 1% solution


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