GROOM-AID® Spray | Vetoquinol USA



Description of Groom-Aid Spray

Vetoquinol Care GROOM-AID Spray contains an absorbable lanolin derivative which adds luster and sheen to animal's coat. It helps to keep coat tangle-free. GROOM-AID is non-greasy and absorbs quickly. GROOM-AID, when applied after bathing, makes animal’s coat easy to comb, brush and groom.

Ingredients of Groom-Aid Spray

GROOM-AID contains propane, isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, n-butane, mineral oil.

Directions for Use of Groom-Aid Spray

To operate, remove protective cap from top of can. Hold can upright, about 8 to 12 inches from pet’s hair. Point opening on side of valve in desired direction for spray. To release spray, place finger on top of valve and press down. Spray GROOM-AID over the entire animal, using a “Zig-Zag” motion,
until the coat is slightly damp. It may be advantageous, especially on long haired animals, to rub the hand against the lay of the hair, spraying into the ruffled hair directly behind the hand.