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Our products for Companion Animals

  • Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner

    The Aloe & Oatmeal Conditioner, for dogs and cats, contains a unique blend of natural soothing agents, moisturizers, and vitamins.

  • Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo

    Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo is specially formulated for dogs and cats with dry itchy skin.

  • Azodyl


    Azodyl, for dogs and cats, is a mixture of three bacteria and a prebiotic with a unique mode of action that supports kidney function.

  • BPO-3 Shampoo™

    BPO-3™ is an antimicrobial, keratolytic, follicular flushing shampoo. It may be used in the topical treatment of pyoderma, folliculitis and seborrheic skin disorders.

  • Cerumene™ Ear Cleansing Liquid

    Cerumene™ Ear Cleansing Liquid: trusted for over 25 years, safer than saline, an effective ear cleaner that penetrates wax barriers and cleans out debris. Clinically shown to be useful even in ruptured tympanic membranes.

  • Dentahex Chews for Dogs

    Dentahex® Oral Care Chews

    Improve your dog's dental health with one Dentahex chew with chlorhexadine a day, a perfect complement to a toothbrushing routine, with a taste dogs love!

  • Dentahex™ Oral Care Rinse for Dogs & Cats

    Palatable and supports healthy teeth and gums while keeping their teeth healthy and clean.

  • Ear Cleansing Solution

    Ear Cleansing Solution is a comprehensive formulation for dogs and cats that cleans, dries, and deodorizes ears and yet is gentle enough for routine use in the bathing/grooming area or exam room.

  • Enisyl-F


    Enisyl-F® is an L-Lysine supplement specifically designed for cats and kittens to support a healthy immune system. It also helps support normal respiratory health and helps maintain normal eye function and health.

  • Enzadent Toothbrush Kit

    Enzadent Complete Toothbrush Kit

    The Enzadent Complete Toothbrush Kit contains everything your cat or dog needs for healthy teeth: enzymatic toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a fingerbrush.

  • Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush

    Enzadent Dual-Ended Toothbrush

    The Enzadent dual-ended toothbrush features a large head and a smaller head to accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes. The heads are set at ergonomically correct angles to aid in administration.

  • Enzadent Fingerbrush Kit

    Enzadent Starter Fingerbrush Kit

    The Enzadent Starter FIngerbrush Kit is the perfect way to introduce your dog or cat to regular toothbrushing.

  • Enzadent Toothpaste

    Enzadent Toothpaste

    Enzadent Toothpaste for dogs and cats contains a delicious poultry-flavor enzymatic solution that cleans and polishes teeth.

  • Enzadent Dental Chews for Dogs

    Enzadent® Dental Chews for Dogs

    Improve your dog's dental health with one Enzadent chew a day - a perfect complement to a toothbrushing routine with a taste dogs love!

  • Epakitin®

    Epakitin is a highly palatable phosphate binder that helps support normal kidney function in dogs and cats.

  • Felovite® II

    Palatable vitamin and mineral supplement for cats and kittens, fortified with taurine in a tuna-flavored base cats can’t resist.

  • Flexadin Advanced with UC-II

    Flexadin Advanced

    Flexadin Advanced Chews with UC-II ® for cats and dogs is an innovative supplement that supports healthy joints and flexibility. Flexadin Advanced features UC-II ®

  • Flexadin Plus Chews for Dogs and Cats

    Flexadin Plus Chews

    A comprehensive joint health formula that supports joint health and function in dogs and cats and combines glucosamine, and chondroitin.

  • Flexadin Plus Tablets

    Comprehensive joint health formula that supports joint health and function in dogs and cats with a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin.

  • Flexprofen Chewable Tablets


    Flexprofen™ is indicated for relief of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and postoperative pain in dogs.

  • GROOM-AID Spray

    GROOM-AID® Spray

    Fragranced grooming spray for easy brushing of pet's coat. Adds luster and sheen to make your pet's coat making it easier to brush while deodorizing at the same time.

  • Hi-Vite™ Drops

    For supplementation of vitamins in active or aging dogs and cats. Water miscible formula can be mixed with food or milk.

  • Hydra Pearls Shampoo

    Hydra Pearls™ Shampoo

    Vetoquinol Care Hydra Pearls™ Shampoo is a remarkable breakthrough in animal healthcare technology. Hydra Pearls™ Shampoo contains microtargeted Novasome® microvesicles designed to deliver long lasting moisture to the hair shafts and epidermal layers. The result is a healthy, lustrous coat that is clean and moisturized. Safe for use on dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and horses.

  • Laxatone®

    Laxatone is a veterinarian formulated lubricant that helps eliminate and prevent hairballs with a taste cats love and contains Omega Fatty Acids for healthy skin.

  • Lime Sulfur Dip

    Lime Sulfur Dip

    Lime Sulfur Dip is a sulfur concentrate for treatment of non-specific dermatoses and parasites on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens which are responsive to lime sulfur.

  • Methigel®

    Methigel is a supplemental source of d-L methionine acid that helps support a healthy urine pH in dogs and cats. Methigel also promotes healthy urinary tract conditions.

  • MPA Benzoyl Plus™ Shampoo

    2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide topical therapy of choice for bacterial skin issues in dogs and cats.

  • MPA Dermal-Soothe™ Cream Rinse

    An itch relieving, moisturizing cream rinse for application after shampooing. May be used on normal, dry or sensitive skin to provide itch relief, lasting moisture and coat luster. May be used with other medicated shampoos as directed by your veterinarian.

  • MPA Dermal-Soothe™ Shampoo

    A luxurious conditioning shampoo for relieving itching and dry skin. Excellent for use on animals with normal, dry or sensitive skin.

  • MPA Dermal-Soothe™ Spray

    A soothing, anti-itch, moisturizing spray for application after shampooing or between shampoos as needed. Aids in the relief of itching and flaking due to dry skin. May be used with other medicated shampoos as directed by your veterinarian.

  • MPA Seba-Hex™ Shampoo

    2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate in a 2% Sulfur, 2% Salicylic Acid base, aids in minimizing bacterial and yeast infections in dogs, cats, and horses.

  • Nutri-Cal®

    Nutri-Cal is a great-tasting, high-calorie nutritional supplement for dogs and cats.

  • PAXON™

    PAXON is a palatable supplement to support urinary tract health.

  • pH-notix


    pH•notix™ Rebalancing Ear Cleaner for Cats & Dogs is an oil free, triple action formula that acts fast to clean ears and remove wax and debris.

  • Pill Wrap

    Pill Wrap, a flavorful paste that turns your dog's or cat's pill into a treat!

  • Pro-Pectalin Tablets


    Pro-Pectalin is formulated to help maintain a balanced microbial flora and promote intestinal health.

  • Renal K+

    Renal K+™

    Renal K+ is a potassium supplement available in powder or gel formulations for use in supporting normal renal health in cats and dogs.

  • Sebozole Shampoo

    Sebozole™ is uniquely formulated to provide antibacterial, antifungal and antiseborrheic agents for optimal therapeutic effectiveness.

  • Select Antioxidant

    Select™ Antioxidant

    Full spectrum antioxidant supplement that fights free radicals.

  • Triglyceride OMEGA

    An excellent supplementary source of Omega-3 fatty acids to support heart, kidney, skin, joint and brain health. Meets USP standards.

  • Universal Medicated Shampoo

    Universal Medicated Shampoo is an antiseptic shampoo that may be used as an adjunctive therapy for the most common dermatological conditions in dogs and cats.

  • Vetprofen

    Vetprofen is an effective pain management treatment for osteoarthritis or pain following orthopedic or soft-tissue surgery in dogs.

  • Viralys


    Viralys® is a highly palatable supplement formulated to support a healthy immune system and recommended for conditions responsive to L-Lysine.

  • Zylkene®

    Zylkene is an innovative behavior supplement you can trust to help support balanced behavior and relaxation in dogs and cats, and increase their ability to cope with change.