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Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy works with the skin’s natural healing response to help wounds heal more quickly.

The Phovia kit has two components:

  • The Phovia LED Lamp, which emits blue, low-energy light
  • The Phovia Gel, which is a unique topical photoconverter that generates fluorescent light energy (FLE)

The combination of light and chromophore gel helps speed up cell regeneration.


Phovia can be used to help heal common canine, feline, and equine dermatological conditions.

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Directions for Use

Each application cycle lasts for 2 minutes.

For directions on how to use Phovia, watch this video or see complete instructions in multiple languages.

How Packaged

Phovia Lamp System:

  • Phovia Lamp
  • Clinic docking station and car charger
  • 2 protective goggles

Phovia Gel Kit:

  • 5 jars of carrier gel
  • 5 ampules of chromophore gel
  • 5 spatulas

Where to Buy

Veterinarians can contact their Vetoquinol representative or preferred distributor.

Safety Information

The Phovia system is generally very safe for users and pets.1,2 However, any intervention with an impact on an animal’s physiology can have side effects.

Phovia is not indicated for use in photosensitivity conditions (where additional light energy may trigger recrudescence), such as porphyria or medication with photosensitizing agents (particularly antimicrobials in the tetracycline class, clofamizine, dacarbazine, dapsone, griseofulvin, coal tar, or topical retinoids), or if neoplasia is present or suspected.

When they occur, side effects could include hair color change, erythema that regresses within 6-12 hours, skin hyperpigmentation, and/or transient pain at the treatment site.

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