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The development of a new drug requires time (on average between five and ten years) the participation of multidisciplinary teams and major investments. Vetoquinol's mission of improving animal health is carried out through its innovative products and services that support and anticipate the real-world needs of the veterinarians, livestock professionals, and pet owners they support. R&D is at the core of our efforts, and we boasting one of the largest research facilities in the world. Alongside its 100 world-class researchers, Vetoquinol partners with veterinarians and other players in the animal health industry.


Our portfolio of products is divided between large animals and pets and focuses on four key species: canine, feline, equine, and bovine. Increasing livestock demand has prompted breeders worldwide to improve productivity while fully ensuring the health of their animals. Through its network Vetoquinol provides advice, products and services in response to the challenges faced by livestock professionals. Vetoquinol USA is committed to providing solutions for horse owners and offers a portfolio that includes products for joint health, pain management and general care. For companion animals our solutions are centered on the emotional and unique relationship between owners and their pets thus prioritizing efficacy and ease of administration. We offer products for pain management, behavior, immune support, hepatic support, renal/urology support, joint and flexibility, and hygiene products.

Pain & Mobility

Vetoquinol carries products for pain management and mobility. By contributing to animal well-being, R&D fulfils an ethical and therapeutic objective, as pain is known to have a damaging effect on health.


Vetoquinol was one of the first laboratories to develop innovative therapeutic solutions and a range of such breadth in cardio-nephrology. To further strengthen its expertise in this field, Vetoquinol supports the research teams at several veterinary schools.


In parallel, Vetoquinol has moved into pet stress management, a market having grown significantly in the last five years. An innovative, patented product, Zylkene® helps dogs, cats, and horses cope during periods of situational or environmental stress.


With the acquisition in 2014 of Bioniche Animal Health, a major player in Assisted Reproduction, Vetoquinol offers a range of products and expertise in Embryo Transfer for horses and cattle.


Vetoquinol seeks to balance life cycle management projects, aimed at improving existing products with highly innovative projects, heralding from research using new technologies.


Over 150 employees’ worldwide work to develop innovative new products that respond to market needs. The development of a new drug requires time (on average between five and ten years,) the participation of multidisciplinary teams and major investments, roughly 10% of turnover devoted to research.  Each project is built in close collaboration across numerous disciplines.


Vetoquinol has implemented a “Technological Innovation” program to investigate the best routes to get the active ingredient to the target animal. It takes a lot of creativity to make treatments as effective and easy to administer as possible. In other words, to make it both useful and usable. Through these technological advances, Vetoquinol is able to meet the vital needs of its customers and continues to market original new products.


Each day, Vetoquinol’s focus is on six values that are core to our business: performance, audacity, commitment, genuineness, team spirit, and open-mindedness. Our values create a culture of innovation allowing us to better serve our clients and succeed at our mission: Improving Animal Health.