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  • Trifectant products

    Broad spectrum disinfectant kills major viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens within minutes.

  • An excellent supplementary source of Omega-3 fatty acids to support heart, kidney, skin, joint and brain health. Meets USP standards.

  • Universal Medicated Shampoo is an antiseptic shampoo that may be used as an adjunctive therapy for the most common dermatological conditions in dogs and cats.

  • Vetprofen is an effective pain management treatment for osteoarthritis or pain following orthopedic or soft-tissue surgery in dogs.

  • Complete embryo collection medium designed for the embryo transfer specialist.

  • The success and convenience of freezing embryos in ethylene glycol for direct transfer brought about a dramatic change in the ET industry. Because ethylene glycol moves across cell membranes more readily than glycerol, embryos can be transferred directly into recipients after thawing, without removing the embryo from the straw, thus eliminating...

  • Freeze Plus is a complete glycerol freezing solution. This medium contains 10% cell culture grade glycerol, 0.4% BSA and 0.1M sucrose. The addition of a low concentration of sucrose decreases blastomere membrane damage from osmotic stress during cryoprotectant equilibration.

  • Holding Plus is the first bovine embryo transfer holding medium based on a formula adapted from a proven embryo culture medium. Holding Plus is designed to support optimal embryo survival in air at room temperature and provides essential amino acids, growth factors, enzymes, and energy substrates.

  • This kit contains three solutions (Thaw 1 Plus, Thaw 2 Plus, and Thaw 3 Plus), for three-step embryo rehydration. Each solution is a complete mixture containing 0.4% BSA, decreasing concentrations of glycerol (5%, 2.5%, 0.0%) and increasing concentrations of sucrose (0.5M, 0.5M, 0.6M). This combination of glycerol, sucrose, and BSA has proven...

  • Viralys

    Viralys® is a highly palatable supplement formulated to support a healthy immune system and recommended for conditions responsive to L-Lysine.