31/03/2016 - 14:35

FORT WORTH – On March, 16 a fire destroyed the Humane Society of Southeast Texas (HSSET), and tragically, more than 70 animals lost their lives. The fire originated in a dryer inside the building according to the Beaumont Fire Department and a lot of the dogs did not make it. When our local rep, Melissa Schneiter, heard of this disaster we knew we had to help! Vetoquinol responded and sent many items to help the animals that survived the fire.

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas Education Director Monica Lee says “there's still a long way to go until they can reopen. The biggest thing we're excited about is to be back on our feet... and continue the life-saving work that we love to do.” Employees are looking forward to the future of the Humane Society while honoring the dogs that were gone too soon.


The Humane Society is in need of foster homes for some of the animals along with food and donations for repairs. Here are some of the items needed:

- Dog and cat food (Purina only)

- Money donations

- Cat litter

- Litter pans

- Blankets  


Vetoquinol is a proud advocate of adoption and has a true passion for helping animals. We hope you will join us in helping animals in need –together we can achieve more!


Founded in 1962, HSSET has been a Southeast Texas institution for over fifty years. They are a fully non-profit organization run entirely on donor contributions, community volunteers, and a lot of love.

To find out more information on HSSET, visit their website or click here to donate.



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